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Social Events & Mystery Dinners in Berlin

We organize regular Dinners and Social Events in Berlin.
To get invited please email us at

Providing Full Name, Current Position and Activities, as well as,
information on your personal interest/relation to English Language,
Culture, Tradition, Literature, Business etc. Please be aware that we
are a private Social Club and that not all applications are accepted.

In any case, you may always ask one of our Regulars from the
Oxbridge Circle Berlin, to invite you as a Guest to our Annual visit
of the Rennbahn Hoppegarten in May/June of each year since 2011.

Regular Events in Berlin

Honourable Members are invited to wear Gowns:

Feb. 2018 - Oxbridge Dinner Berlin

May. 2018 - Hoppegarten Flair

Sep. 2018 - Oxbridge Dinner Berlin

To avoid any confrontations with Mysteries of the Real World
we treat all Members, Guests and Authors with confidentiality and
do not publish any further Dates, Names or Event Photographs.

Historic Mystery & Poetry Dinners

To receive invitations to one of our private
Historic Mystery & Poetry Dinners please email

attaching your CV and/or Link to a Public Profile.
Thank you, Your Oxbridge Dining Club Berlin