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History of the Oxbridge Dining Club

Since 1965 ...
Various Oxford & Cambridge Dining Clubs in Germany

Since 1978 ...
German Cambridge Society e.V.
Regular Social, Cultural and Academic Events e.g.
City Weekends, Dies Academicus, Summerfest’s ...

Since 1991 ...
German Friends of Oxford University e.V.
and first Mystery Dinners in Hamburg

Since 2009 ...
Official Oxford University Society of Germany

Since 2011 ...
Various Oxford & Cambridge Dining Clubs across Germany

Since 2013 ...
World College Charitable Trust
aka World College Oxbridge

Since 2015 ...
Informal Oxford & Cambridge Societies across Germany

Since 2017 ...
Oxbridge Dining Club Berlin is no longer limited to Oxbridge Alumni
and we would like to invite the New Generation of active Oxonians,
local NGOs, OUSX, OBA & CJBA to submit Proposals for the Future of   &

All Proposals will be considered by an appointed Committee of German based
Oxbridge Alumni, with the Best or 2 Best Concepts winning the Websites.
Please submit Your Proposal of max. 300 Words by 11.11.2018 to

All Participants of this Competition are
awarded Oxbridge Blue Gown Stripes

by World College, Oxbridge and a personal
email address:

Oxbridge Express Competition 2018

Oxbridge Club of Clubs Nr. 7
Running the Competition

Oxbridge Club of Dimes Nr. 9
Works on a Proposal

Oxbridge Club of Spades Nr. X
Rejects Responsibility

Since 2018 ...

Oxbridge Club of Dimes Nr. 9 develops Oxbridge Associates to Ox-Bridge
the Gap between International Alumni and local Business Associations.
Please sign up with our LinkedIn Group to stay tuned: