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We offer project development services in and around Berlin
and consulting on the German construction industry, including:

   Property Development
   - Feasibility studies and risk assessments
   - Market and location analysis
   - Discounted Cash Flow modelling
   - Financial consulting
   - Property valuation and cost management
   - Cash flow analysis and operating costs optimisation
   - Financial and tax administration

   Project Management
   - Project management for new builds and refurbishments
   - Management of the build qualities and quantities
   - Project organisation, coordination and documentation
   - Monitoring of costs and financing
   - Programme schedule, capacities and logistics
   - Precautionary “calls for action” information system
   - Project monitoring of forward deals

   Strategic Asset Management
   - Purchasing analysis and selection
   - Development of customised investment strategies
   - Real estate investment consulting
   - Due Diligence analysis of private real estate ventures
   - Technical and financial Due Diligence reports
   - Structural, technical and environmental surveys
   - Property valuation

Restoration Villa Grimm

Project Development, Fredersdorf, Germany

Baustein also plans and develops small residential projects, such as Villa Grimm, Fredersdorf:

With 125 m² before and 242 m² after redevelopment: corresponds to a 93 % rise in rental aria.

Services in project development are only offered in and around Berlin, Germany.