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Oxbridge Dining Club Hosts

We do not follow any particular regulations or committee structures.
All interested are encouraged to organize Social Events and Dinners.

Oxbridge Express Host are Awarded Oxbridge Blue Stripes

by World College, Oxbridge and a personal
email address:

If you would like to host a an Event in your area please do! Oxbridge Express and
World College, Oxbridge are fictional with a general no strings attached policy.
The Dining Clubs Name, Crest, Rules, Cards & OXOPOLY are in public domain.

If you liked the Oxbridge Journey, know of other popular Oxbridge
games or want to share other Dinner / Party Games online, we
would appreciate your feedback at

Oxbridge Dining Club

Regular Oxbridge Dining Club Hosts are awarded a

Honourable Membership of World College
Camford Greens 7, Oxbridge, Webwideworld

We invite all Honourable Members to wear Gowns and Oxbridge
or World College Scarf, Colour Stripes etc. at all Events:

Oxbridge Crest & Colours

World College Crest & Colours

Regular Hosts receive an email:
and a Rent Free Apartment in our Virtual City of OXOPOLY.

Oxbridge Express Hosts are restricted to Social
Events only and do not represent or in any formal
relationship with Oxford or Cambridge Universities.