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Our services in Architecture, Landscape Design, Structural Analysis and technical Equipment for residential properties are worked by:

Eduard Töws von Riesen

has enjoyed a practical master builder education with distinctions in carpentry and masonry crafts, studied and taught classes in Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Kassel, Germany and holds the Mater and Doctor titles of the University of Cambridge, Downing College, 2001-06

Dr. Töws von Riesen held lectures in Descriptive Geometry, Structural Design and Building Costs, at Universities Kassel and Cambridge and is today a practicing Architect, Engineer and Developer at your service

For projects within reaching distance from Berlin, we are happy to take the full architectural responsibility, structural design and planning of all building services in residential properties. For more distant or more complex project we are also happy to coordinate all experts required on your project.


Worldwide, we offer an optimised Masterplan solution,
as a cost efficient Kick-Start for your Real Estate Project.

Building blocks of our Masterplan, according your Needs are:

   - Construction Design
   - Cost Optimization
   - Property Design
   - Landscape Design

   - Functionality Planning
   - Spatial Planning & Space-Book
   - Standard Details

   - Sustainability Concepts
   - Technical Equipment Concepts
   - Architectural Marketing Concepts

Our Masterplan compleets with all architectural drawings usually required by building authorities worldwide in 1:100 scale and is prepared for a local developer to take over, for local building application, detailed planning and realization. We are also happy to include your marketing concepts and/or particular building methods into our design process. After the Masterplan we are also happy to support in consulting function and with acquisition and coordination of German based experts and companies, required on your particular project.

Revitalisierung Aussenanlagen

Masterplanung, Göttingen, Germany

Grüne Revitalisierung des Wohnviertels Göttingen Grone Nord und Süd mit 1.200 Wohnungen, als Verkaufsvorbereitende Massnahme. Masterplanung, Wege- und Flächenoptimierung, Ausschreibung sowie Bauleitung bei der Revitalisierung der Aussenanlagen inkl. Neugestaltung Grünflachen, eines 1.600 m² grossen Teiches, neuen Anpflanzungen, Spielplätze, Müllhäuser, Eingangssituationen und Treppenhäuser, Umnutzung von zwei Parkdecks zu Spielplatz und begrünter Spielwiese, sowie weiteren verkaufsfördernden Massnahmen am Standort.

Masterplan Company Headquarters

Masterplanung, Taiyuan, China

Research Quarter planed for an industrial client involved in human implants. Architectural Design of 28 buildings with a total new build area of 237.000 m² and functions in: administration, 12 research departments, 5 apartment houses with up to 31 floors and greenhouse roofs, 6 luxury hostels for VIP patients, 4 production halls for human implants and landscape design of 182.000 m² with 7.000 m² biotope & water areas:

Architectural Marketing is an important part of todays world and the top sat-view of your Gardens play a significant role, as it has become the first contact with any location. In the above case, the client was a human implant specialist and was looking for a headquarters including lecture halls, research facilities, a large number of residential properties, as well as, dust free production labs. Our Masterplan was based on a kids drawing:

with a engineers drawing of the first heart implant of the World, Siemens Elema 1958, appearing from the sky. All residential properties, have reflecting glass-gardens as top floors and appear as clouds on sat-view; and follow an eastwest orientation, with angles cut according to the winter sun, hence maximizing the sun intake during the year.

The property, follows a simple construction plan with straight segmented brick walls and a simple facade, where locally available windows are used behind a coloured glass element. The additional air layer reduces operational heating and cooling costs, and is a general, cost-efficient Clima-Skin concept. Together with other measures, it also eliminates All costs of Building and Operating an air conditioning system, but the property is still experienced as cool in hot climates.

The entrance of the headquarters symbolises a waterfall.

Similar to this project, we design sculptural and sat-view architecture according to your personal visions or the marketing concept of your company. Please dont hesitate to get in touch, we are happy to consult further Thank you!