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Проекты / Projects

We offer general planning and project development services in and around Berlin. Our focus is on residential redevelopments and on the outer shell of properties, as well as, garden and pond constructions.

As project developer with own building sites, we also offer cost efficient, ready to use solution for local residential properties, please read more on our German site → Asfürung

Restoration Villa Hoppegarten & New Built Gardens

Masterplan & Restoration, Hoppegarten, Germany

Baustein also offers supervised construction services in and around Berlin, here an Example:

Full restauration of an architecturally listed Villa and Gartenhaus, including Masterplan Gardens and coordinated construction of 2.500 m² landscapes with a 270 m² swimming pound as central element and various functions in sport and leisure. The garden delivers fresh fruit for 12 months and is an open air event location for up to 300 guests.

Partner & New Developments


We are always in search for local partners, developments and new building methods. If you are local and from the construction industry, please consider becoming member in the:

If you are from the rest of the world, please consider running a RECXX in your area. We are developing a worldwide strategic partnership Network with freelancing architects, planning offices, real estate developers, building companies, as well as, student associations, who are interested in developing a transparent Network of RE Clubs Worldwide. If this gets your attention, please get in touch, we are happy to consult on our model ...